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4 Tips on how to communicate effectively to your online audience abroad.

This might be obvious but is key: make sure you provide your content in the client’s native language!


Ideally get someone from that destination, read it over and check for errors in words and sentence structure.

If you can, get a professional to trans create the website for you. Transcreation, in simple words, is a process of creative translation, where the copywriter takes the idea of what you want to communicate and writes content that achieves that idea rather than translating the content word for word. You can trans create anything from text to imagery and even website structure on your website, and if done well it can boost the usability of your website tremendously.


Step Up Your Search Engine Game

We have all gotten accustomed to Google being our best friend. However, a very important thing that you need to remember is, that not everyone uses Google and there are still a surprisingly large number of people using alternative platforms abroad. Some examples are: Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, ,, Baidu etc.

Make sure that you are visible on the necessary search engines and create a strategy that helps you to be at the top.

Pro Tip: Think outside the box! This is not just a tip that concerns culture: if you are a sustainable brand that targets their product to clients who are eco-conscious, perhaps try researching the search engine “Ecosia”. Your clients might already be using it and you could get a step ahead of your competition.


Get familiar with their use of Social Media

Something that is often taken for granted is the Social Media. Today we are so familiar with it, we expect everyone else to also be. However, it is likely that where you are planning to expand to your clients use a different platform for their social media correspondence. They might even have a completely different skillset when it comes to social media.

Here are some examples:

In The Netherlands the use WhatsApp is very popular (more people use WhatsApp than Facebook). Therefore, integrating a messaging bot might have great impact on your conversion.

Russian people rarely use Facebook, a similar platform that is more popular in Russia is VK. If you want to improve your SM presence in Russia, you need a company profile on VKontakte.

Chinese have a range of social media channels that you might be unfamiliar with, but with their massive economy and large population, they might be on your radar for expanding your market. So, do your research or seek out help from those who work with these platforms on daily basis.


See if it is necessary to adapt your branding.

Your brand needs to represent your values and your beliefs; don’t let differences in cultures come between that. Make sure that the colours correlate to the message you want to send and make sure your company name doesn’t read offensive in a foreign language. Adapting your branding might be a big step for you, however by skipping this step, you might damage your reputation and fail to enter the market altogether.

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