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Boosting your Online Presence


We are here to help you create the online presence your company deserves.


Make a professional statement with no compromises and enjoy customer support at your fingertips – all without having to read a single line of code!


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Through the Looking Glass

You know better than anyone that great customer experience is essential in the hospitality business. Why not put an emphasis on it online? 

At Strike UX we specialise in creating a beautiful customer experience online & communicating atmosphere through the computer screen.
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First Impressions Count

No need to settle for just another unmemorable website. You work day and night to make your place extraordinary  – and we can help you do that online.

Nowadays the majority of your clients make a decision to walk through the door of your establishment from the comfort of their home. We have a couple of tricks, just for you, to make sure they don’t click away.


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Professionalism at its core

Running a business is hard, so while you are working on closing the latest deal, we worry about maintaining your professional presence online.

Just imagine – you do not have to ever worry about running out of time to post a picture on Instagram or finding out just too late that your website is down. It is all sorted. Always.



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Still unsure?

The first step is always difficult – and our goal is to make it as pain-free as possible. That is why we are offering a free 30-minute call with us to discuss how Strike can help you achieve your goals and boost your online presence.

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