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Providing you with all you need in order to elevate your business and express your values, properly.




Build Your Brand Identity

Let’s help you to reimagine your brand. We make sure we know all the ins-and-outs of your company. Once we fully understand your vision and values, we are ready to give your brand an engaging brand-image that will help you to explore new heights. Plus, we are there for you and your brand in this journey to make sure it lasts.


Your Story, Told Properly

At Strike UX, we believe that a story on its own is not enough. Therefore, we provide you with the tools to make your story stand out from the crowd.  We are here to help you to make sure your message is communicated in an engaging and convincing way. Strike UX is here to help you convert your leads into loyal clients who believe in your brand. 


Branding, Made to Last

We make sure that you can sustain the image of your brand by providing you with all the tools you need for success. Our service is not just handing you over a branding book. We will make sure that your brand is always on point, no matter what comes your way. 


Public Quarter

The Story

Public Quarter is a lifestyle publishing platform with a mission to create content to show the new generations about the fun and exiting things in life. With lists of top restaurants, guides to cities across the world and thought provoking articles from critics and content creators, this magazine is the perfect daily read.

What we are delivering

– The brand identity.
– A cohesive branding aesthetic.
– An elegant brand-book, with logos, colours and more.
– Our full-time support


Online Marketing

Social Media Management

Web Development

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