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Reaching clients throughout the world may be difficult,
let us help.



Understanding Your Brand Identity 

Communication is like an equation – you have to have all the X’s and Y’s correct to get the right outcome. So we start with learning about your brand, what you stand for and how you want to be presented. This equips us with key information about your story and lets us understand what converts your users.


Your Users 

In the true User Experience manner, we focus greatly on the user of your online platforms. We learn everything we need to know about your typical user: their characteristics, interests and schedules. Besides this, we learn about their habits, what they like and don’t. We make sure we understand your customers as if they were our own.


Targeted Research

Depending on the extent of the project and your companies needs, we establish the optimal strategy for research. Our capabilities range from desk research to quantitative remote research to flying out our top experts to gather qualitative information through focus groups directly from your potential clients.


Getting you heard

Numbers may be confusing, therefore we formulate a complete and meaningful strategy that will help you target your communication towards your audience effectively. By the end you will have all the X’s and Y’s to avoid cross-cultural miscommunication when interacting globally. We help you uncover new markets around the world.


Re-assessing and Improving

We are constantly building our cultural behaviour database, and by working together you will get access to the latest findings in our research. We run annual audits to see what effect cultural optimisation had on your performance and help evaluate how to improve on your strategy.

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