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Make your design user-friendly, intuitive and interactive to improve conversion.





Understanding Your User 

You might have heard the term persona being thrown around by designers. Or you might already have a clear description of the user of your product outlined. Whatever your situation is, we will help you find out who the user for your online platforms is and guide you through the whole process of creating a persona for your brand by doing thorough research.


Understanding You

Just as essential as understanding the user is understanding your goals and reasons for creating an online presence. We want to learn about your business, what makes your product or service special and what conversion means to you.


Our Conversion Formula

Having outlined your user, their goals, motivations and reasons for coming to you, we now have a clearer picture of how to structure your online platform to assist the user in their navigation. We will be (re)assessing and analysing the skeleton of your website to make sure that the design and structure works in the favour of your user, making it easier on you to convert them.


Social Media Strategy

We will make sure that your social media platform of choice suits your brand and user. It can help you understand the behaviours of your users, which you can anticipate on and use in your favour.


Evolving and Growing

We keep close contact with our clients to make sure the work is up to standards and actually provides results. With regular reports on the progress our team will create a sustainable and effective strategy that works best for you and your user.

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